Terms of Use


Welcome to the “Terms of Use” for Joblinks. The reason we have them is to ensure that you know how to properly make use of Joblinks and its platforms in a manner that will damage or disrupt our activities and brand. You may not use Joblinks if you do not agree to these terms, and may continue to use if you agree.

Acceptable Use

It is acceptable for you to use Joblinks and its platforms for their intended use. Which is to help you find a job. If you wish to use Joblinks and its platforms for any other reason, inform us in writing and wait for approval from Joblinks.


You may not do the following when using Joblinks:

1.Upload spam or any other software onto Joblinks or any of our platforms.

2.Use our brand for any project without our written consent.

3.Engage in any activities that may damage/harm our platforms, image, staff, users, and brand.

4.Unless instructed to, you may not send your CV/resume to Joblinks.


You are expected to pay fees for services rendered provided you were informed beforehand that you must pay for that particular service. Fees will vary according to the services to be rendered, and Joblinks will inform you about the fees. Where fees are applicable, we will not render any service unless fees are paid.

Limited Liability

Joblinks will not be held liable for any losses; injuries; death; illness; damages; harm; suffering; and theft that may arise from using its platforms.

Notice of Change

Joblinks reserves the right to change these terms of use without issuing out a notice.